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 Product Details

C3D Pipe Tools is a collection of tools to extend and enhance creation, editing and manipulation of pipes and structures in the Autodesk Civil3D product.

3dPipe Tools Ribbon


  Connect Feature: Creates a 3d FeatureLine through a selection set of pipes.
  Network Import: Import pipe networks from external file formats.
Pipe Quick Edit Quick Edit: Hover over pipe networks for information and make quick changes.  Works in plan or profile view.
  Segment Props: Edits various properties of the pipe segments in a pipe network.
Set References: Sets the referenced alignment and/or surface for a selection set of pipes and structures along with associated labels (in 2013 or higher). Pipe network objects can be selected in plan or profile view.

Requires (one of the following):
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2013-2014 (19.x)
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2015-2016 (20.x)
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2017 (21.0)
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2018 (22.x)

Product Support: Email Support Only.

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