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 Product Details

C3D Point Tools is a collection of tools to extend and enhance creation, editing and manipulation of points in the Autodesk Civil3D product.

3dPoint Tools Ribbon


Auto Draw: Automatically connects field points with 2D or 3D linework and symbols.  Generates 2DPoly, 2DPolyFit, 3DPoly, Spline or C3D feature objects as controlled by the user for each code.

● Supports Autodesk Fieldbook, Carlson FTF, Eagle Point Coding, Trimble TGO, AASHTO SDMS Figure Code or Generic Connect methods.
● Works straight from selected point objects in the drawing or an external point file.
● Handles curve codes to form arc segments on 2DPolys or automatically graded segmented 3DPolys.
● Establish reusable definition files for different projects or clients.

  Average: Averages selected points with analysis allowing creation of average point.
  Centroids: Creates a point at the centroid of a selection set of objects with numerous centroid options.
Compare: Compare designated points with all points that reside within a specified search radius.
These tools convert other geometry into CogoPoints.
Blocks: Converts blocks in the current drawing to application points.
  Nodes: Converts nodal objects (like circles, inserts, points) to CogoPoints.
Text: Converts text objects in the drawing to application points with the ability to obtain the coordinates from adjacent geometry such as points, inserts, circles or even crossing lines.
  Labels: Converts surface elevation labels to Cogo points.
These tools convert CogoPoints into other geometry.
Blocks: Create inserts easily using (likely auto-detected) mapping of point UDP to attributes.  Optionally use a UDP to further scale the geometry (but not the attributes) which is great for trees, etc.
  Difference: Calculates & places points with calculated elevation difference between point and a surface.
  Duplicates: Deletes duplicates points based on same or close coordinates.
  Elevations: Sets the elevation of selected points to absolute, relative values or acquired elev from objects or a surface.
Export: Exports designated points to supported file formats.
Combine: Combines multiple point files into a single target file.
Compare: Compares two point files with detailed comparison report.
Convert Multiple: Converts multiple point files to a designated target format.
Convert Text: Converts a single text file (space, comma, tab delimited) to defined format.
View/Print: Quickly view point files with details as file is clicked.
Grid: Add multiple points evenly spaced on a rectangular grid.
Groups: Manage point groups including adding, deleting, renaming and more.  Quickly add/remove points by description match, elevation range, inside linear object or window, number range, etc.
Harvest: Harvests all points from a folder (and subfolders) or selected files. The source files can be CAD drawing files or any point database format the application can read.  Output to CSV, KML for Google Earth or HTM reports including used/unused ranges and duplicate reports.
(KML option requires Civil3D 2015+)
  Hyperlink: Generates hyperlinks on the point to image files referenced in the description.
Import: Imports points from multiple point database formats into the current drawing.  On 2013 or higher, extended fields become point user defined properties (automatically created using file headings).
  Interpolated: Creates all qualifying points on line using two points, beginning elevation and increment.
  Intersect: Intersection of Bearing-Bearing, Bearing-Distance, Distance-Distance, 4 Points.
  Inverse: Inverses between points (pick or number), echoes coordinates, azimuths, bearings, horz/vert distance and slope.

Arc: Specify a hub point, two target points (clockwise), also returns included angle.
Normal: Simply specify two points for each inverse.
Radial: Specify a hub point and a point range to inverse.
Sequential: Continuously enter point numbers, returns total distance at end.
Leaders: Automatically extends the labels of selected CogoPoints using various methods, including radial for clusters.
  Line: Add multiple points (with interpolated elevation) between two points.
  List: Quick command line table layout listing of selected points.
Offsets: Add multiple points that are offsets of a line defined by two points.
Objects: Add points at the vertices or specified intervals along a selection set of objects.
Radial: Add multiple points at a specified distance around a point.
  Renumber: Renumber using one of four methods.  Use All (Civil3D CogoPoint order), Database (order created), Increment (add/subtract to a selection) or Sequential (sequentially number a selection).
Report: Generates detailed point reports with user controlled columns.  Includes Lat/Lon and alignment station/offset fields.
  Scale: Scales points from a picked point with optional preservation of elevations.
  Select: Select points by number range, raw or full description, or elevation range.
  Set Next: Set the point number to use for the next CogoPoint added (using any process).
Single: Add single points based on known or picked coordinates.
  Slope: Add a point at a picked location with elevation calculated at designated slope.
  Snap: Moves points perpendicular to designated linear segments, toward center on curves, snapping the point to the segment.
Spreadsheet: Allows single or mass changes to point data in a spreadsheet grid.
Stakeout: Generates a customizable report based on a specified setup and backsight point.
  Status: Returns used and free (available) point numbers in the drawing.
ShapeFile: Import points from a shapefile to the current drawing.
Export points in a point group to a ESRI shapefile, including extended fields like lat/long and even include UDPs).
Transform: Performs rotation, scale and translate based on relationships between points.
Traverse: Allows typed entry of raw traverse data and importing from multiple formats.  User configurable editor allows quick and easy entry of traverses in angle right, azimuth, deflection, bearing & distance and more.  Define loops and calculate closure.  Plots resulting points and optional traverse and sideshot lines.  Imports raw data files.
• DotSoft Raw Data (*.drd)
• AASHTO SDMS Project (*.prj)
• Autodesk Fieldbook (*.fbk)
• Leica GSI Raw Data (*.gsi)
  • MinePro Loop (*.lup)
• Sokkia SDR (*.sdr)
• Topcon FC-6/GTS-7 (*.gts7)
• Tripod Data Systems (*.rw5)
  Wrap: Draws a shrinkwrap boundary around a selection set of points.
  Zoom: Zooms (center) to entered point numbers and echoes coordinates.
Load Formats   Save Formats
• AGT ProCogo Files (*.cgo;*.cgx)
• AASHTO SDMS Calculated File (*.cal)
• Autodesk Land Desktop (*.mdb)
• Autodesk Uploadable File (*.auf)
• C&G Survey Coordinates (*.crd)
• Carlson Survey/SurvCADD (*.crd)
• CivilSoft Coordinates (*.pro)
• Comma Separated Ascii (*.csv)
• LandXML Industry Consortium (*.xml)
• Leica GSI Coordinate Extraction (*.gsi)
• Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (*.xls)
• Simplicity Point File (*.zak)
• TDS Binary Coordinate Files (*.cr5)
• TDS Binary JOB File (*.job)
• Trimble JOB XML File (*.jxl)
  • AASHTO SDMS Calculated File (*.cal)
• ASCII Text File (*.txt)
• Autodesk Uploadable File (*.auf)
• Carlson Survey/SurvCADD (*.crd)
• CivilSoft Coordinates (*.pro)
• Comma Separated Ascii (*.csv)
• dBase Database File (*.dbf)
• Drawing Exchange File (*.dxf)
• Drawing Script File (*.scr)
• ESRI Shape File (*.shp)
• LandXML Industry Consortium (*.xml)
• Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (*.xls)
• TDS (Tripod Data Systems) (*.cr5)

If you don't see your format listed, contact us.  We are always looking to add additional formats to our list.

Requires (one of the following):
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2015-2016 (20.x)
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2017 (21.0)
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2018 (22.x)

Product Support: Email Support Only.

Before you buy: Consider that all this functoinality is only a small part of our C3DTools packages!

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