We’ve seen people struggling with the confusing Set Location tool in AutoCAD (2015+) that also requires you to log into 360 using an internet connection. We’ve also seen peoples disappointment when they discovered that (and panning Bing images) was pretty much all they could do with it. Then there were the users of IntelliCAD with even less GeoLocation tools.   Since we love all things mapping we decided to do something about it.

We have put together a no cost subset of our GeoLocation Plus product that provides what we consider the necessities of GeoLocation inside CAD engines.  It includes this set location tool:Set Location DialogsIt can help you find the planar coordinate system to assign to your drawing by categories.  However, ultimately you will need to learn the systems you work with on a regular basis and learn about “LL84” (WGS84, EPSG:4326).  That is the latitude and longitude system commonly used in Google Earth, etc.

Then we included the basic tools required to import and export SHP (ESRI Shapefiles) as well as KML/KMZ (Google Earth, ArcGIS Earth) and some other useful tools.

Support:  We certainly want to hear about problems you may encounter (when something doesn’t seem to be working right) or any ideas you have for improvements as this affects both the freeware and the full GeoLocation Plus package.  However, please understand that on free software we cannot provide a lot of support, especially when the questions fall into a category considered training.

Download Description
AutoCAD Legacy AutoCAD 2010-2014 (NO LT) Windows, including verticals.
AutoCAD Current AutoCAD 2015-2018 (NO LT) Windows, including verticals.
IntelliCAD 8.4 IntelliCAD 8.4 (New Release) Windows.


  1. When you download the ZIP file, consider right clicking the ZIP using Windows Explorer, choosing Properties, then clicking the [Unblock] button in the lower right.  You may even need to unblock the DLL files after extraction to prevent problems loading into your CAD engine.
  2. After extracting the contents of the ZIP file to a folder (like C:\CADSTUFF\GeoLocLite) look for additional instructions in the GeoLocLite.htm file (open it your browser).
  3. All CAD sessions must be closed before DLLs can be deleted or updated.
Revision Tool Description
20170921 MapFilImp Trapped error “Given key not present in dictionary on KML/KMZ import.

Important: This is copyrighted software and you may not make these downloads available elsewhere without prior approval by DotSoft LLC.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of federal law.

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