Because of the way IntelliCAD creates a copy of a partial menus content and resource DLL (the icons), then locks that DLL at the operating system level, users of our add-ons that change have to do a special procedure in order to see the new menu items and icons.  For example our MapWorks product receives additions on pretty much a weekly basis and while we can update the files in our install folder, that’s not enough as it is on other platforms.  Follow this procedure to see the new menu items and icons.

  1. Start IntelliCAD
  2. Issue the MENULOAD command.
  3. In the list in the upper left, click on the add-ons item (such as MAPWORKS).  Be certain you have selected the right item as restoring other items is not documented here.
  4. Right click and choose delete, then click [Yes] to confirm.
  5. Choose [OK] to close the MENULOAD dialog.
  6. Enter LOCALROOTPREFIX at the command prompt and press enter.  Take note of this folder for a step to come.
  7. Close IntelliCAD.
  8. Start Windows Explorer.
  9. Navigate to your user folder, then AppData, then Roaming, then your IntelliCAD flavors folder, then IntelliCAD#.#x64.   This is the folder you were asked to take a note of in step 6 above.  There you should see the copy of the DLL, like “mapworks.dll”.
  10. Select the mapworks.dll file, confirm, then right click + delete.
  11. Restart IntelliCAD, the add-on menu should return and reflect the new menu items, icons, etc.

When IntelliCAD closes you will see a new copy of the resource dll in the folder.

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