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 Product Details

MapTools is a collection of tools to extend and enhance the AutoCAD MAP 3D product.

MapTools Ribbon

Object Data

  Grid Editor: Edits the object data from multiple objects in aspreadsheet.  Also allows direct printing (with preview), export (Excel & Word), saving (to CSV/HTML/XML) and placement of results in the drawing as a table.
  Acquire Contained: Copies text/attributes inside closed objects to object data by various methods including layered or stacked text.
  Highlight: Highlights selected objects with object data absent or present.
  Modify Tools:
These tools work like those in AutoCAD, except they preserve the object data on the results.
Break: Breaks a selected object maintaining object data on results.
Copy: Copies object data (all tables) from one object to a selection set.
Delete: Deletes all object data (all tables) from a selection set of objects.
Explode: Explodes a selection set of objects transferring object data to resulting components.
  Property Exchange: Transfer object data to object properties and vice-versa.  Eliminates multiple steps to set polycontours (from SHP files) to their proper elevation.


  Other Tools:
Import Files: Import multiple files of different format into the current drawing. Formats include multiple DGN, LandXML, and more.
: .
: .
: .

Requires (one of the following):
  • AutoCAD Map3D or Civil3D 2010-2012 (18.x)
  • AutoCAD Map3D or Civil3D 2013-2014 (19.x)
  • AutoCAD Map3D or Civil3D 2015-2016 (20.x)
  • AutoCAD Map3D or Civil3D 2017 (21.x)

Product Support: Email Support Only.


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