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 Product Details

Mechanical Lite is a collection of mechanical drawing tools for CAD engines like AutoCAD, BricsCAD and IntelliCAD.  The system is completely automatic, all related geometry changes as needed.  For example when holes change, the related hole table updates.

Mechanical Lite Ribbon

Drill Holes

Hole Place: Place holes into the drawing based on class (A-Z) and detailed parame.
  Hole Table: Place a hole table in the drawing, which will be automatically updated whenever a hole is added, removed, or modified.
  Modify Tools:
Rename: Changes the class of a selection set of holes, automatically rennumbering renaming holes to prevent gaps.
: .
: .
: .


  Other Tools:
: .

Requires (one of the following):
  • AutoCAD 2010-2012 Based Products
  • AutoCAD 2013-2016 Based Products
  • AutoCAD 2017-2018 Based Products
  • BricsCAD v15 Pro (or Platinum) 32/64bit
  • BricsCAD v16 Pro (or Platinum) 32/64bit
  • BricsCAD v17 Pro (or Platinum) 32/64bit

Product Support: Email Support Only.

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