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 MapWorks Sections Details

MapWorks Sections is a collection of Civil/Survey tools for creating and processing of cross sections and profiles (sometimes referred to as long sections) in AutoCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD.   It contains functionality for connecting points, sampling surfaces and drawing sections and profiles with grids and other labeling options.


  Label: Annotate grade, slope, or ratio of selected profile slopes by simply picking on the segment in profile view.
Objects: Creates a profile view from a path and object intersection points.  Path can be defined by picked points or a selected linear object.
Polyline: Creates a profile view from a single selected 3dPolyline.  No surfaces required, simply pick the 3dPoly and insertion point for the profile view.  If a profile view of the selected object already exists, it will be update on subsequent processing.
Sample: Creates a profile view from one (or more) sampled surfaces.  Simply designate a path and select any number of surfaces.


Connect: Form sections in the model by automatically connecting points crossing alignments.  Quick connect of field points when sections are shot in the field, has tolerance fields for cases where the points deflect from exact right angles.
Objects: Form sections in the model by intersecting objects left/right of the alignment.  Create sections directly from contour polylines.
Sample: Form sections in the model by sampling one or more predefined surface at specified increments, including randomly specified stations.  Increments can be automatically built by station/interval or to match another series.
  Generate: Generates (or updates) section view blocks from section polylines in the model.  The block approach has numerous advantages over a loose collection of drawing objects in model space.
  Properties: Change alignment, series or station value of a section plan view polyline.
  Review: Quickly review generated sections with options for export to drawing, export image, copy to clipboard, etc.
Insert: Insert multiple sections into the drawing with options.  Create vertical stacks or sheet arrays ready for plotting.

Requires (one of the following):

AutoCAD 2007 or higher (32/64bit)
Autodesk Civil 3D (2007 or higher)(1)
Autodesk Land Desktop (2007-2009)(1)
BricsCAD v12 Pro Windows or higher
ZWCAD 2014 Pro or higher

(1) Uses Civil3D/LDT as AutoCAD Engine, does not support
custom objects.  For Civil3D, see our Gizmo3D product.

  Does not work on AutoCAD LT No Mac Version Available

Product Support: Email Support Only.

Before You Buy: Consider that this is a small subset of the functionality in MapWorks Suite.

Price $145: AutoCAD 2007+

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  BricsCAD Pro v12+

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  ZWCAD 2014+

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