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This is a collection of raster design tools, including raster to vector (and back to raster) tools.  It works inside AutoCAD® providing the ability to manipulate inserted raster images.

RasterWorks Ribbon
Recognize: Character recognition (OCR) of all or selected areas of an image.  As the character strings are determined we spell check them for accuracy and display all strings in the dialog (strings with mispelled words are shown in red) for extremely quick correction.  The results are mtext objects ready for additional edits if necessary.
Vectorize: Convert a raster image to vectors (polylines, arcs and circles).  This often provides usable geometry and eliminates the need to provide an external raster image file with the DWG.


Attach Images: Use a special image open dialog to select your image file.  Specify insertion parameter, etc.
  Delete Selected: Completely removes rasters including definitions and even (optionally) the image files.  Eliminates annoying repeated dialog prompts.
Generate Catalog: Generates a ready to print html document of selected images with thumbnail and related details.
  Launch Editor: Launches the default raster editor with the image loaded.
  World Commands: Insert multiple TIF/JPG/PNG/SID images based on world files.
Create a World TFW/JGW/PGW/SDW file from a selected image (even rotated).
Create multiple drawings with instance of single world image.

  Copy: Copies a selected image to the clipboard (as pasteable bitmap).
  Paste: Saves clipboard image to file and attaches it to current drawing.
  Update: Updates a raster definitions image updating drawing references.

PDF File
Import Images: Imports a raster image from a PDF into the drawing. All images in the PDF file are displayed allowing you to scroll through and simply select the row, then pick the insertion point.
  Export Images: Export selected images to a new PDF document.
  Other Tools: Convert multiple images or multipage tiffs to a PDF file.

  Introduction: All of our raster editing tools provide protection for your important images by using drive space for historical copies.  When a change is made to a raster the change is saved to a copy of the file.  CAD engine undo/redo automatically roll back/forward with these files for a natural editing experience.  When the drawing is closed all unreferenced image copies are removed from the drive.
  Clear Areas: Blank out sections of the raster image using any closed linear object (such as polylines).
  Draw Objects: Draws CAD objects onto raster images in drawing.  Linear objects (like polylines, splines) are rasterized and pasted onto the image file.
  Raster Blocks: Makes a raster block from a selected portion of referenced image.  The block insert does not depend on the source image and can then be moved, copied, etc.


  Align By Points: Move, scale and rotate multiple images with 4 point alignment.
  Boundary Generate: Generates polylines representing clipping boundaries of a selection set of images.
  Boundary Clip: Clips image at extents of selected boundary object.
  Consolidate: Combines an array of smaller image references into a single image.
  Extract Rectangle: Extract a rectangular portion of existing image, placed as raster reference.
Fax Pages: Extracts and inserts selected pages from multi-page tiffs such as faxes.
  Float Geometry: Floats geometry inside or crossing a selection set of images.
  Information Label: Labels informations about a selection set of images at the image centroid.
  Information List: Lists information about a selection set of images to various outputs.
  Multiple Processor: Applies image transforms to the image file associated with a selection set of RasterImage objects.
  Scale Independent: Scales image width and height separately.
  Windows View: Displays select image in Windows default viewer.

Formats: • Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
• CompuServe Gif (*.gif)
• Joint Photographic Experts Group (*.jpg)
• Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
• Tagged Image File (*.tif)

Supports: • AutoCAD 2010-2012 Based Products
• AutoCAD 2013-2017 Based Products
• AutoCAD 2018-2020 Based Products
• BricsCAD v17 Pro/Platinum
• BricsCAD v18 Pro/Platinum
• BricsCAD v19 Pro/Platinum
  Does not work on AutoCAD LT No Mac Version Available

Product Support: Email Support Only.

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