ToolPac 17.0 New Functions & Improvements

Version 17.0 requires AutoCAD 2010 or higher, BricsCAD v15 Pro or higher, and IntelliCAD support is coming soon!

New Functions
ARA Annotation Read Aloud Reads selected annotation aloud on PC speakers.
IGF Import Graphic Files Reads file formats and generates block with one insert. Now includes CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) format.
LVT Layout Viewport Type Converts a selection set of viewports to polygonal to allow vertex changes.
EGF Export Graphic File Exports a selection set of objects to a Scalable Vector Graphics file.
LAO Link Add Document Add a document (DOCX, ODT, RTF, or TXT) as an mtext object.
LAP Link Add Spreadsheet Add a spreadsheet (XLSX, ODS) as a styled block.
LAT Link Add Table Add a database (CSV, XLSX, ODS, XML) as a table object.
LOR Link Object Properties Change the properties of a linked object.
LRA Link Run Application Launch an application with the objects file loaded.
LUS Link Update Selection Update a selection set of linked objects.
PBR Path Break Options Breaks a selection set of figures at specified distances, elevations, vertices, etc.
PCL Path Close Options Closes a selection set of figures by standard close or building close (adding the back corner).
PCO Path Change Origin Changes the origin point of a selected closed figure.
PCW Path Set Clockwise Set the direction of a selection set of figures to Clockwise or Counterclockwise.
PCT Path Convert Type Converts a selection set of figures to a designated type (such 2dPolylines with arcs, 3dPolylines, Splines, etc)
PDA Path Data Output Output the name, northing, easting, elevation and radius values of a selection set to various targets.
PDO Path Draw Offsets Creates offsets of multiple figures using horz/vert distance, flow direction.
PEO Path Elevation Options Raise, lower or flatten a selection set of figures.
PGA Path Geometry Audit Audits a selection set of figures for problems such as self intersection.
PGE Path Grade Elevations Applies grading to any portion of a 3D figure, adjusts elevations based on various parameters.
PPS Path Project Surface Project from a figure on a specified slope intersecting a surface.
PSA Path Segment Adjust Adjusts one end of a figure segment to a specified slope distance, specified elevation, or intersection of a selected surface.
PSM Path Select Command Build a selection set of figures by area, length, elevation range and other parameters.
PSS Path Segment Straighten Straightens segments between two picked points (by removing intermediate vertices).
PSX Path Scale Options Tools to scale figures to specified area, length, etc.
PVX Path Vertex Densify Densify figures by specifying distance along segments. Converts lines/arcs to polylines.
*** Toolbar Icons Dozens of toolbar icons added, BricsCAD version now has ribbon support.
L?? Draw Leader Tools All draw leader tools now create mleader objects, no more polyline simulations.
AIF Annotation Incremental Fill Improved with support for MultiLeaders and number of decimals option.
AGE Attribute Grid Editor Improved with significant speed improvement on large data sets.
BLG Block Legend Generator Added support for visibility states, reports separate row for each state used.
BDD Block Definition Dialog Added ability to import/export descriptions.
IA2 Inquiry Area TwoPoint Improved with reporting of width & height, now allows picking any two corners.
LOM Layout Manager Improved with automatic dialog updating when layouts are modified in the CAD editor.
MRO Mtext Rotate Improved speed on multiple objects, remembers angle for subsequent executions.
MSC Mtext Scale Improved speed on multiple objects, remembers scale for subsequent executions.
OFC Object Face Commands Consolidated and improved with elevation, offsets, point, stats options.
OFT Object Flatten Improved speed, support for additional object types.
PDF PDF Manager

Numerous Improvements to PDF tools:

  • Added OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to process images and extract mtext objects and build paragraphs.
  • Added ability to select multiple pages to process, arranged left to right with specified gap.
  • Added Image Consolidation option when multiple images in a PDF should form one image (handles stripes & tiles).
  • Added options to convert curved paths to arc/circle objects, include background solids.
  • Added import type options to only import fills, paths, text objects, etc.
  • On images, added ability to specify type, optional subfolder for image files.
  • If an image in the PDF is 1BBP, it is saved as transparent PNG and CAD engine flag set.
  • Added option to close dialog after each process.
PMO Path Mark Options Consolidated all mark commands. Expanded from only polylines to multiple path objects (such as lines, mlines, etc).
PTE Path Tag Editor Expanded from only polylines to multiple path objects (such as lines, splines, etc).
PVW Path Vertex Weed Expanded from only polylines to multiple path objects (such as mlines, splines, etc).
XYZ Scale Independent Overhauled for faster processing, object scaling, more object types.
MFR Mtext Find/Replace Removed (obsolete), use Annotation Find/Replace or the built in Find command.
SJS Spline Join Obsolete, use built in SPLINEDIT command.