We recently received a users drawing and found it to be redrawing and regenerating *extremely* slowly.  After a while we discovered that the VIEWRES was set to 20000 !!!  While there may be instances where you need to bump it up a little, don’t use a higher number than necessary.

Issue the VIEWRES command and answer Yes to the fast zooms, then enter the smallest number that gives smooth circles at most zoom levels.  If you zoom in tight and circles don’t look round simply issue the REGEN command.   You should be able to use 200 to 500 with good results.  This value is stored in the drawing.

If you would prefer not to see the starting splash screen which (to us) *feels* like it slows down the startup, follow this procedure.

  1. Right Click your Launch Icon, choose Properties.
  2. Click the Shortcut tab if not already there.
  3. In the Target field, after the “..acad.exe” text, put in a space followed by /nologo.

Make sure there is a space before and after the switch.  For Bricscad users, put in /l instead.

If you have installed a newer version of AutoCAD (2012 or higher) you may have noticed a significant lag on the crosshair when you first launch.  AutoCAD is background loading the ribbon panels to make the switching faster.  If you would rather have your delays on the ribbon click, then type RIBBONBGLOAD at the command prompt and enter 0.