The update / upgrade process of C3DTools is done differently than the rest of our products. Instead of building a collection of tools that are released together annually, we develop and test each tool in house and include the new functionality right away. End users can choose when they want to download the new tool(s) by either running our Check for Updates (from the web) periodically or by downloading a replacement complete install (MSI file).

The table below outlines the new tools and revisions as they are made:

Date Function Details
2023-05-15 Point File Formats Added Carlson CRDB Read & Write modes.
2023-05-21 Figure Make Batch Creates multiple figures quickly by picking (inside), existing bales, or in a grid pattern (cells).
2023-05-24 Figure Surface Cuts Cuts multiple figures into a surface for elevation analysis, volumes, etc.
2023-05-31 Point Rotate Improved rotation results, especially when points are at underlying figure endpoints.
2023-06-07 Lidar Tiles Improved drawn results with grouping, retains source file path and name.
2023-06-08 BigTiff Float64 Added support for BigTiff Float64 reading of TIF files in that format.
2023-06-09 Map Extents Improved drawn results with grouping, retains source file path and name.
2023-06-10 Mass Points Detects Lidar & Map Extents tiles (of Surface like TIF) showing file name automatically in read list.
2023-06-11 Point Inquiry Compare Improved with ability to select two point groups for difference comparison.
2023-06-19 Figure Draw Middle Improved replacement for polyline midway, now works with 3dPolys & FeatureLines.
2023-06-22 Point Auto Draw Improved options and results of CS coding method.
2023-06-25 Section View Select Improved drop down list sort order when stations cross 1000, 10000 marker.
2023-06-28 Section Label Options New tool to label sample lines or section views with high low points.
2023-07-03 Surface Drape Objects Drapes objects onto a surface, extended capabilities over OOTB tool.
2023-07-06 PolyContour Set Elevs Added Text option to allow selecting annotation to set underlying polyline.
2023-07-11 Figure Segment Join Join multiple figure segments to form multiple figures with connect options.
2023-07-15 Image GeoInsert Added option to simplify names of resulting image objects when long file names are used.
2023-07-19 TinSurface Formats Added Industry Foundation File (IFC) format to read & write IFC TINs (complete, not a collection of 3dfaces).
2023-07-20 Surface File Audit Added dialog selection of missing reference if not found in paths.
2023-07-24 Projections Find System Added fast find by known lat/lon, instant update of GE location as records (rows) selected.
2023-07-30 FileGDB Attachment & Merge Added support for embedded attachment (photos) extraction and ability to merge columns with common keys.
2023-07-30 Mass Points Processor Added filter zone, the ability to draw polylines around areas (like ditches, roads) needing extra density.
2023-10-21 OGC GeoPackage Added read support for OGC GeoPackage *.gpkg map geometry files.
2023-10-31 Figure Elevation Options Added Average, Minimum and Maximum options to flatten method.
2023-11-23 Profile Generate Multi Creates multiple profiles (and profile views) from selected alignments.
2023-12-07 FeatureLine Edit Add New options to adding elevation points to arcs by degrees or middle ordinate.
2024-01-04 Curve Length, Point, Point Creates a curve based on length and two known points (chord).

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