The update / upgrade process of C3DTools is done differently than the rest of our products. Instead of building a collection of tools that are released together annually, we develop and test each tool in house and include the new functionality right away. End users can choose when they want to download the new tool(s) by either running our Check for Updates (from the web) periodically or by downloading a replacement complete install (MSI file).

The table below outlines the new tools and revisions as they are made:

Date Function Details
2024-05-24 Entity Data Grid Added Object Name and Description columns.
2024-05-24 Figure Acquire Properties Added options for Min/Max/Avg elevations (of TinSurfaces) and thickness (of VolSurfaces).
2024-05-28 Legal Description Writer Added support for all DwgProp fields (including custom) and ability to reference CAD system variables.
2024-06-01 Surface Delete Points Added Offsets method allowing removal of Tin vertices along linear figures.
2024-06-25 Surface Catchment Report Improved with addition of numerous properties exposed in recent Civil3D.
2024-07-01 Surface Extract Objects Improved with addition of extracting breaklines.
2024-07-03 Surface Offset Options New tool allowing offsets perpendicular to the surface triangles, etc.

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