We regularly are asked by potential customers for a single tool sold separately.  Not having an understanding of what’s involved, it seems like a reasonable request to them.  Here we attempt to explain why that’s not possible.

CAD engines change annually now for economic reasons.  With each release comes changes and incompatibilities.  Whether it’s a binary change that breaks everything (except simple lisp routines), or change from CUI to CUIX or the addition of would be security, this means a package has to be revised.

We currently produce and maintain about 10 packages that contain at least 1000 tools.  Even if we only separated those that have been requested (from memory) that would be 100+ packages.  On an annual basis we would have over 100 packages to revise and rebuild, many of them being low cost (<$20) packages.

Time is money and the amount of time necessary to revise these low cost packages would exceed the amount of income generated from them.  The cost would exceed the income, and that’s not a good way to stay in business.

Plus (believe or not) people don’t buy them.  Once we tried breaking our general productivity tools (ToolPac) into roughly 10 subsets and made them available for about two years.  During that time over 98% of people bought the full package instead.

So in summary, we don’t do it because it’s cost prohibitive.

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