Users often report that menus (or ribbons) from our products come up missing in AutoCAD.  This has been a problem for many years and isn’t limited to our products (customers with their own custom menus can have the same problem).

Try this procedure to restore the menu(s).

  1. Issue the MENULOAD command (do not issue the MENU command).
  2. Carefully make sure the PRODUCTNAME is highlighted in the top list (not ACAD, etc).
  3. Click the [Unload] button.
  4. Choose the [Browse] button.
  5. Navigate to the PRODUCTNAME folder and select the menu (CUIx file).
  6. Choose the [Load] button.

Also be aware that AutoCAD will only remember roughly 21 pulldown menus.  If you have close to this number of menus and AutoCAD is regularly dropping one, that is the reason.

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