Many times users want to build 3dSolid models inside CAD engines to visualize, check volumes or 3d print.  Here is some procedures to help you get started.

First you will of course need 3dFaces.  You can create these manually or your Civil/Survey add-on should do it for you.  If you are using Civil3D, here is the procedure.

  1. Click the Surface to select it.
  2. From the ribbon, choose Surface Tools > Extract from Surface > Extract Objects.
  3. Make sure Triangles is on (and nothing else) and click OK.

Next you will need to convert the 3dFaces to surfaces.

  1. Command: ConvToSurface
  2. Select your 3dFaces

Next you will want to combine these into a single surface.

  1. Command: Union
  2. Select separate surfaces

As an option you might want to offset the surface.

  1. Command: SurfOffset
  2. Specify the distance (positive is up).

As an option you might want to build a block model.

  1. Command: Extrude
  2. Select your unioned surface
  3. Enter D for Direction
  4. Enter 0,0,0 for the first point
  5. Enter 0,0,-500 (in this case 500 units down)
  6. Command: Box
  7. Enter .XY (pick LL) enter -1000.0
  8. Enter .XY (pick UR) enter -500.0
  9. Command: Subtract
  10. Pick the original surface, then the box.

Lastly viewing them is necessary to check your results.

  1. Command: 3dOrbit
  2. Drag to desired view

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