A common request in Civil3D is the ability to add station and offset values to CogoPoints placed along an alignment.  Since this is not a built-in ability we approached the problem and found a very good way to do it.  Also, since Civil3D users expect dynamic results, we added reactors so that if the points are moved, the station offset values update instantly.

This tool creates dynamically updated point UDP (user defined properties) on CogoPoints showing alignment station & offset.  We chose the UDP approach because it does not interfere with other fields (such as description) and it can be included in labels, point tables and even exported with the points if desired.

Assigning the UDP is easy, you don’t have to know how to add fields, you simply pick the Alignment and CogoPoints and the data is assigned.  You have a choice of string based fields (that will show stations like “2+04.97” and offsets like “38.05L” for left).  You can also choose double (numeric) fields if you want to format yourself, or include both.

Point Label Style:  You will need to know how to add the UDP fields to your point label style, but our help file gives clear step by step instructions on the process.

Point Table Inclusion: You may want to include the fields as columns in your point tables, again our help makes it easy to do.

Dynamic Update:  If a CogoPoint is moved in the drawing (by any command). This reflects on the label and even the table if it has been created!

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