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Important Notes:
  1. Do not provide these works to others.  To share, send a link to others.
  2. We do not provide technical support of any kind on freeware.

Multiple Platforms:  In general, the free tools listed here work with full AutoCAD 2007 or higher (no LT) and BricsCAD v12 Pro Windows (or higher).  Most files with a LSP extension should work on others like IntelliCAD.  See the columns to the right of each tool for specific minimum/maximum versions.

Title Description AutoCAD(NO LT) BricsCAD IntelliCAD Authors
AUTOWBLOCK.ZIP Automates the exporting of multiple Blocks or Layers (model space contents) from a drawing to separate files in a designated target folder. 07-17 - -
BRGDIST.DWG A dynamic block that uses grips and fields, updates on regen. 07-17 - -
CLIPCOPY.ZIP Easily copy multiple text and/or mtext objects to the Windows clipboard for pasting into other applications such as Word processors. 07-17 - -
DOBYLAYER.ZIP Reorders layers in the drawing using a dialog to move layers up/down. 07-17 - -
LAYERREP.ZIP Displays an exact representation of the layer dialog in your browser, ready to save or print.  Graphical icons vary depending on the CAD engine used. 07-09 Pro v12+ 8.3+
LFILTERIO.ZIP Export layer filters from a drawing to an external file that can be imported into new drawngs using the companion import tool. 07-17 - -
TXT2MTXT.ZIP Converts text objects to mtext using three different methods.  Individual mode, each text object is converted in place.  Stack mode, all text selected is automatically converted to a single mtext. Multistack mode, all text is converted into multiple logical clusters, forming multiple mtext objects. 07-17 - -
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