We have reached a fork in the road on our Civil/Survey and Mapping add-ons.  For years we attempted to provide one package that ran inside plain CAD engines as well as Civil3D while using the best objects available.   The problem is that it meant a weaker (than possible) Civil3D connection, prevented us from adding tools only (currently) possible in Civil3D and created confusion on what parts used Civil3D objects.

So we have decided to split the project into two paths (and names).  MapWorks will continue with the goal of being the best low cost Civil/Survey and Mapping add-on for AutoCAD (and compatible engines).  New separate packages specifically for Civil3d will provide additional tools for that platform.  The “C3D” products will have some tools not available in MapWorks, and vice-verse (for example Civil3D doesn’t need contouring).

For MapWorks we are also facing the need to drop compatibility for a handful of older CAD engines.  We plan to drop support for AutoCAD 2007-2009, along with BricsCAD v12-v14.  However this change along with dropping code to support Civil3D will let us concentrate on making MapWorks the best package for modern CAD engines from Autodesk and Bricsys.

For the “C3D” packages we were not able to reach back beyond the 2013 version, so that will be the minimum required version for its initial release.  We expect that most Civil3D users keep a subscription and run the latest (or near the latest) version.

Considerations for existing MapWorks users running Civil3D.  These two options share some tools and the command names are the same in those cases.  So while both could be installed on the same Civil3D, because they load in alphabetical order, the commands in MapWorks would override those in the “C3D” packages, which would not be desirable.  We plan to port only the functionality from MapWorks that Civil3D doesn’t do (or doesn’t do well).

If you are an existing (or potential) user and have any questions, feel free to email us.

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