AutoCAD has a long history, and we go back all the way.  Our primary developer started using AutoCAD with version 1.0 on the original IBM PC with a 10mb hard drive and CGA graphics (now we have mp3 files larger than that).  Here is a detailed history, including corresponding drawing versions, .NET framework used, etc.

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Because of the way IntelliCAD creates a copy of a partial menus content and resource DLL (the icons), then locks that DLL at the operating system level, users of our add-ons that change have to do a special procedure in order to see the new menu items and icons.  For example our MapWorks product receives additions on pretty much a weekly basis and while we can update the files in our install folder, that’s not enough as it is on other platforms.  Follow this procedure to see the new menu items and icons.

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We’ve often said “we don’t mind hard work, it’s unnecessary work that bothers us“.  Such is the case in obtaining lidar data for surface generation.  From our previous experience the process involved:

  1. Use a browser to go to a certain government website.
  2. Zoom and pan around till we found the area of interest.
  3. Click to select our area and place our order.
  4. Wait for an email to arrive telling us our data is ready.
  5. Download to find it’s a massive file.

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In the early days of AutoCAD, users could safely use a NODe osnap to snap to a point block while zoomed out because they knew it would only return the actual intended point of the insert. Then along came an improvement that had AutoCAD return the insertion point of the attributes. With that improvement meant you had constantly zoom in to make sure you were getting the right point.

For those that aren’t aware, the OSNAPNODELEGACY set to 1 causes the CAD engine restore the logical NODe osnap of the point object only. Now in the highly unlikely case you want to snap to attributes, you can use the INSert osnap.

Deleting parcels (by name) in Civil3D can sometimes be difficult. Right clicking the parcel name doesn’t work, erase on the parcel label does nothing. Here is a step-by-step procedure to quickly delete multiple parcels by name, without picking a single segment.
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