MapWorks & ToolPac contain a Check for Updates tool that not only applies patches to your installation, it also brings in additional tools that we add on a regular basis.  To keep track of what’s been added check back here from time to time.

To run the Check for Updates tool (requires an internet connection):

  1. Make sure your CAD engine is shut down (because it would have the files locked and we couldn’t update them).
  2. Run Check for Updates under Windows Start > Programs > DotSoft > MapWorks (or ToolPac).
  3. Check off any CAD engines you don’t use to save hard drive space and bandwidth (MapWorks Only).
  4. Click the [Start] button and allow the updater to run.

If you have Windows 8.x (which did away with the Start menu for some reason), run the MapWorks Updater from the desktop.

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