Zooms to a specified station on a selected alignment. Even though it’s a dialog based tool it behaves like a command line tool. Simply type in the station (don’t use + marks) and press enter.

This new tool is used to change the elevations of a selection set of points by specifying the vertical offset. Enter a positive value to raise the points or a negative value to lower them.

The Profile from 3dPolyline has been improved.

  1. Stationing can now be Distance Along Object (previous option) or Project to Alignment when an alignment exists.
  2. Select now accepts 2dPolylines with points at each vertex to define the elevations for the profile.
  3. Select now accepts Civil3D FeatureLines as source geometry to generate profiles.

The Section Review dialog has been improved.

  • The list will now allow multiple sections to be selected. You can right click on the list and choose Select All or Clear All.
  • The Export to DWG icon will now export multiples to a selected folder (drawing name = original section name).
  • The Save as Image icon will now export multiples to a multi-page TIF file. This allows section review by others without CAD as you can right click the file and choose Preview, when the Windows Photo Gallery appears you can change pages (sections) at the bottom.

We recently changed the install to allow a smaller amount of disk space. When installing choose Custom, then turn on only the CAD engines you have installed. Choosing Typical will install support for all (7 at this time) engines.

We’re starting the development cycle on MapWorks 2014 (5.0) and will be adding to MapWorks all through this year just as we did last year with 4.0.  In order for you to continue to receive new functionality this year a 5.0 license will be needed.