DotSoft is pleased to announce that we have ported our core product line to the IntelliCAD platform. These “inside CAD” products were previously only available on other CAD engines but now run inside IntelliCAD 9.0, 8.4 (or updated 8.3) builds. These ports include:

  • ToolPac : Comprehensive collection of CAD Productivity Tools
  • XL2CAD : CAD <> Excel connectivity eliminating OLE problems
  • WD2CAD : CAD <> Word connectivity eliminating OLE problems
  • MapWorks : Civil/Survey, Mapping & GIS Tools

It has been a pleasure working with the ITC over the past few months while completing the ports. Of the three engine developers we work with, the ITC is certainly the most responsive and was very quick to address every issue we encountered. We look forward to working with the ITC and its members in the future.

Since IntelliCAD is DWG compatible, our DWG direct tools (available for years) also work with IntelliCAD by creating a DWG file that IntelliCAD can insert (or xref attach).

  • XL2DWG : Runs inside Excel and creates DWG files representing table areas.
  • WD2DWG : Runs inside MS Word and creates DWG files representing bookmark areas.
  • PDF2DWG : Standalone PDF > DWG conversion tool (only requires Windows).

Certified: We have tested our ports on the following IntelliCAD builds.  During installation the appropriate hooks are added so the next time you start the IntelliCAD build, our add-on will automatically appear.

  • Carlson 2019 : Civil/Survey ITC member based in Maysville , Kentucky, USA.
  • CMS IntelliCAD : Well established ITC member based in Burleson, Texas, USA.

If you wish to explore the IntelliCAD engine along with DotSoft products, feel free to contact us.

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