If you receive a drawing from a Civil3D user, there is a possibility it contains CogoPoints that appear locked.  You can’t move them, you can’t rotate them, etc.  Since you don’t have the Survey Database you can’t unlock them like the original creator did.  If this happens to you, read on.

A first impulse might be to export them to a AUF file, erase the points and reimport them.  If you don’t care about the tweaks made to the points, go for it.  However, if labels have been moved or some points are different sizes you may wish to use this procedure to unlock them.

  1. Start your Civil3D.
  2. Open the drawing containing the locked points.
  3. Make sure the ToolSpace panel is showing.
  4. Make sure the Survey tab is on the panel.  If not type SURVEY at the command line to add it.
  5. Select the Survey tab and right click Survey Databases.
  6. Choose “New Local Survey Database”.
  7. Enter a name similar to the drawing name and choose [OK].
  8. Select the new name, right click and choose Import > Import Points from Drawing.
  9. Press Enter for All, then [OK] to continue.
  10. Select “Survey Points” under the name, right click and choose Points > Unlock in Drawing.
  11. Click a previously locked point to confirm “Survey Point” = False in the PROPS dialog.
  12. Save your drawing, optionally under a new name.

Optional Cleanup: If you want to clean up the no longer needed database, close Civil3D and find (and delete) the folder under the projects folder, default is C:\Civil 3D Projects.

Big Gotcha:  If you’re an install conscious user who removed all SQL Server items to keep your machine lean and clean, the Survey Database stuff won’t work.  First you will have to go to this folder in your install source …

“D:\Autodesk\WI\Autodesk Civil 3D 2019\3rdParty\x64\SQL_Server_CE_4.0_SP1”

… and run the SSCERuntime_x64-ENU.msi found there.

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