This new tool builds insertable images from web sources such as TMS (Tile Map Service) and WMS (Web Map Service) servers.  In TMS mode you can produce plan view maps, satellite imagery or terrain images.  In WMS mode you can specify any server, get its capabilities and generate an image of a specified pixel size from selected layers.

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This new tool labels contours using options such as ends, individual or multiple.  The mtext objects generated are field based.  That means you can move or copy the labels and the value will change on the next regeneration.  The labels also have the background mask turned on, meaning it will hide the underlying contour without any damage.

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The KML/KMZ file import was improved.

  1. Now handles embedded tables in point data converting to MapWorks XData.
  2. Images embedded in a KMZ are now extracted and copied to the drawing folder and a hyperlink is placed for tools like Image Link Inspect.
  3. Better handling of path widths and colors resulting in wide polylines, etc.

The Image EXIF Editor now allows you to add GPS Coordinates (and direction) to photos by picking in the drawing.

  1. Make sure your current drawing has a coordinate system assigned (so the picked valued can be projected back to Lat/Long).
  2. Initialize the EXIF Editor tool and open the image file to assign coordinates too.
  3. Click the arrow pointer (4th button) to start the pick process.
  4. Pick a coordinate point in the drawing where the image was taken.
  5. Pick a direction point to indicate the direction the camera was pointed.
  6. Save your photo.